ActEarly: a City Collaboratory approach to early promotion of good health and wellbeing


ActEarly is a collaboration encompassing multiple projects. It focuses on early life changes to improve the health and opportunities for children in two areas with high levels of child poverty; Bradford, West Yorkshire and Tower Hamlets, London.

ActEarly works closely with local communities, local authorities and other national organisations to understand how we can help families live healthier and more active lives.

Together we have chosen three key ActEarly themes: Healthy Places, Healthy Learning and Healthy Livelihoods with a cross cutting theme to support healthy weight in children.

Further information

ActEarly website

Peer Review: ActEarly: City Collaboratory approach to early promotion of good health and wellbeing

Twitter: @ActEarlyCities
Instagram: actearlycities

Partners & Collaborators

ARC Yorkshire and Humber

Better Start Bradford

Bradford Institute for Health Research

Bromley by Bow Centre

City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council

London Borough of Tower Hamlets

London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

Queen Mary, University of London

University College London 

University of Bradford

University of Leeds

University of York

Lead Investigator
John Wright (Bradford Institute for Health Research)
Trevor Sheldon (QMUL)
Investigating Team
Eric Brunner, Claire Cameron, Nicola Christie, Daisy Fancourt, Muki Haklay, Andrew Hayward, Jens Kandt, George Ploubidis, Rob Savage, Jessica Sheringham, Marcella Ucci, Laura Vaughan (UCL)
Steve Cummins (LSHTM)
Somen Banerjee (London Borough of Tower Hamlets)
Dan Hopewell (Bromley by Bow Centre)
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