Equity in service provision for dementia patients and their families


This research examined discrimination and equity in dementia care namely whether people affected by dementia are supported through policy, practice, and research to receive care which is tailored to protected and minority needs such as age, ethnicity, gender, and sexual orientation, and which enables them to achieve the same health outcomes as others. 

This PhD involved a systematic review exploring the extent to which national dementia guidelines from around the world consider and make recommendations related to protected characteristics. Then, focusing on ethnicity, Tiffeny developed a new hypothesis to improve access to culturally appropriate psychosocial interventions for people affected by dementia based on evidence of what is acceptable and what works. The final part involved a qualitative study using interviews (n = 48) and thematic analysis to provide a UK example of equity in dementia care which explored the views of people affected by dementia and clinicians about the care and support that UK South Asian and White British people receive and want.  

Tiffeny has developed a set of recommendations to improve equity in dementia care that can be included in future guidelines and practice. She successfully passed her PhD in August 2022.

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Partners & Collaborators

Camden and Islington NHS Foundation Trust
King’s College London

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