Understanding hearing and dementia care pathways and exploring the barriers and facilitators impacting relevant stakeholders regarding addressing cognition in hearing services for older adults

PROJECT STATUS: Not yet started

The Lancet have recently identified hearing loss as the biggest modifiable risk factor of dementia, after age, accounting for 9% of cases (Livingston et al., 2020). These comorbidities are not actively addressed in clinical services.

This research aims to explore and understand the barriers and facilitators of addressing cognition in hearing services in the UK healthcare system. Specifically, it will focus on how hearing loss and dementia are addressed as co-morbidities in clinical practice to:

  • Map international recommendations and practice regarding how cognitive health is addressed in adult hearing services,
  • Map stakeholders involved in hearing and dementia care pathways in the UK and their perceived role
  • Understand the journeys, experiences and expectations of older adults and their families attending NHS hearing services in terms of memory care
  • Understand the barriers and facilitators professionals experience regarding addressing hearing loss and dementia as comorbidities in clinical services
Partners & Collaborators

NIHR UCLH Biomedical Research Centre (BRC) 

University College London

Royal National ENT Hospital UCLH Trust

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