Supporting local government to reduce inequalities in COVID vaccination uptake


Population Health Management (PHM) is an emerging technique, using linked patient and resident data to help local authorities understand the health and wellbeing needs of their population, and to make decisions to improve health and reduce inequalities.

The North Central London Integrated Care System (ICS) uses a PHM called ‘HealtheIntent’, which includes a Covid vaccination dashboard to help identify patients that have not yet received their vaccination. It joins patient data together across multiple organisations. This linked information is then aggregated and presented visually (e.g. on dashboards and maps) which helps to highlight gaps in care.

We are evaluating how North Central London (NCL) staff use and perceive the dashboard, and how it might help to reduce inequalities in people’s access to vaccinations or guide strategies to increase their readiness to be vaccinated. The protocol for this evaluation is now available. 

The Islington public health professionals seconded to the CRN research posts are doing the research, supervised by ARC North Thames researchers. This research comprises:

  • Quantitative descriptive analysis of staff usage
  • Qualitative interviews with 19 health and care professionals in NCL

Part of a wider programme of work to increase capacity for public health and prevention research in local government.

Key Findings

Key findings were discussed at a knowledge exchange event with over 50 colleagues interested in PHM across the country and in the US in June. A summary of the event is now available and if you would like further information please contact:

Partners & Collaborators

NIHR ARC North Thames 

London Boroughs of Camden & Islington

Public Health England (PHE)

North London Partners in Health and Care

University College London (UCL)

Lead Investigator
Investigating Team
Georgia Watson (Camden & Islington)
Cassie Moore (Camden & Islington)
Claudette Boa (PHE)
Amy Bowen (North London Partners)
Sarah Dougan (North London Partners; Camden & Islington)
Vusi Edeki (PHE)
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